Search results pages include organic search results and often paid advertisements (denoted as "ads" or "sponsored") as well.  Google Basics can show you how Google discovers, crawls, and serves web pages.  The three key processes in delivering search results are:

  • Crawling - Do the major seach engines know about your website?  Can they find it?
  • Indexing - Can the major search engines index your website?  Are all of your website pages indexed?
  • Serving - Does the website have good and useful content that is relevant to the user's search?


About Time Online creates websites that are designed to be search engine friendly from the ground up.  We can also review your existing website and make recommendations for improved organic search engine ranking.  This will include:


  • Review of your site content or structure - descriptive title tags, alt tags, sitemaps, robots.txt, H1 and H2 tags
  • Technical advice on website development (hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JaveScript, etc.)
  • Content development - is it fresh, relevant, original, well-written
  • Management of online business development campaigns - are there relevant inbound links
  • Keyword research and density, keyword relevance
  • expertise in specific markets and geographies, inclusion in business related directories, blogs