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Domain names are unique - meaning only one person can register a particular domain name at a time.  As long as you have it registered, no one else can use it.  Domains are registered through a Domain Name Registrar, an oficially accredited company or organization that manages the reservation of domain names.  Be careful to keep track of when your domain name registration will expire!  About Time Online will help you register your domain name, keep track of expiration dates, and assist with setting up your hosting account.  We firmly believe that it is best for YOU to OWN your domain name and hosting account, not us!  Too many web design firms hold clients hostage by owning the clients' domain name.  Not us! 

After domain registration, hosting is the next step in establishing an internet presence.  Hosting gives you space on a server where all of your web sites files are stored and delivered to your website visitors.  About Time Online will suggest a hosting company to use, but the final decision is yours.  Although we are authorized resellers for several hosting companies, we believe that our clients should OWN their website, domain name, and hosting package.  We prefer any Blue Host service, as we find them to offer more features at a very reasonable cost. 


Don't worry, we take care of the technical aspects of getting your new website online.  We even set up your email accounts and provide real-time statistics so you know how many visitors, when they visited your site, where they came from and more.  Additional services include E-Mail Forwarding, Domain Transfers, Secure Server Access, Database, File Transfer and Storage, Sub-Domains, Shared Hosting, and more.