About Time Online can help you set-up a mass email marketing campaign that will deliver results.  We're comfortable with all major email marketing platforms including iContact, Constant Contact and MyNewsletterBuilder.  We will build a long-term email marketing strategy to optimize your results and reach a larger audience.  We will help grow your email lists, share your ideas and increase your brand awareness - all while strengthening your customer relationships.

We design HTML emails and newsletters that incorporate your brands images and colors, and track opens and clicks.  About Time Online can also publish your email directly to your social media channels - Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, and track the popularity of your posts.  We'll use mail-merge technologies to personalize custom fields so you can enhance your relationship with each of your customers.


Increase traffic to your website by creating and maintaining a business blog.  If you create great content, chances are it will be shared.  According to Social Media Examiner, companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those that do not.  Regular blogging creates more indexed web pages which creates a larger digital footprint for Google and other major search engines.  Contributing to a blog marks you as a trustworthy expert on your products and/or services.


About Time Online can help your blog generate traffic to your website.  We can also create visual aids, videos and content for your blog.