Basic web graphics can be included in your website quote, but it may be necessary to hire a freelancer for specialized services such as illustrations, logo development, graphic design, photography, videography and copy writing.  We have tons of local graphic artists, photographers, copywriters and online resources at our disposal.  We typically use iStock and Deposit Photos for stock photography, or we can take our own photos of your staff, products, retail store, etc.  For online graphics we like to use Kathy Pate, owner of Seaway Advertising and Design Studio, an international award-winning illustrator and graphic artist.  Kathy understands the requirements for online ads, icons, web components, social info-graphics and the technology used to display online graphics.  Seaway Advertising and Design Studio is also our go-to firm for anything printed; ads, business cards, letterhead, etc.

About Time Online will discuss your graphic requirements during our initial consultation.  We will then refer you to someone best suited to meet your needs within your budget.  We don't get involved in quoting, billing (or mark-up) of these services, we will, however, communicate effectively with whoever you choose to work with for your graphics, photography, videography, print or other specialized services.