There's no better way to get targeted traffic to your website than through PPC (Pay Per Click) online advertising campaigns.  These are the ads that appear adjacent to, above, or beneath organic results on search pages as sponsored links, as well as anywhere chosen on a content site.  Banner ads and display ads are typically found across the top and sides of websites showing related content.  PPC campaigns will display your advertisement when a keyword or phrase matches your keyword list, or when a content site displays relevant content.  It is a great way to generate website traffic immediately while your organic search engine optimization has some time to start working.


We'll help you select your keywords or search terms, and create your ad and your landing page - all you need to do is set your monthly budget.  Your ad will show in front of searchers who are looking specifically for what you have to offer.  About Time Online will do detailed keyword research, strategic bidding, compelling ad copy and a targeted landing web page for your ad.  We will then monitor the results, quality score, audience behavior, demographics, and ad performance and make any necessary adjustments. 


With our help, your business can reach more online customers who are already looking for your product or service.  We can also create a re-marketing campaign, to follow those who have visited your website and didn't purchase yet.  


About Time Online can take the guesswork out of your pay-per-click campaigns and focus on results!  You define your monthly budget, which can be adjusted at anytime, so your advertising campaign stays on budget.  Our PPC services include account set-up, keyword analysis, conversion tracking, monitoring and analyzing your ad performance as well as your competitors tactics.