Social Media is an excellent way to promote your business and connect with your customers, building a loyal community of fans.  According to Jan H. Kletzmann, the honeycomb framework of social media is based on the following seven functional building blocks: Identity, Conversations, Sharing, Presence, Relationships, Reputation, and Groups.

About Time Online will establish your social media profiles, set-up business pages, research and develop content and even update your pages with interesting facts and useful tips specifically tailored to your industry.  We'll collect reviews, respond to customer inquiries, upload photos and videos, and keep tabs on your business listings and mentions.  We also monitor the quality, reach, frequency, usability and performance of our social media efforts.  We'll encourage check-ins, shares and engagement while we tell your story and build your customer loyalty.  We search, track and analyze conversations on the web about your brand or topics of interest. 


About Time Online will help you make a great first impression to customers who find you online!  Your social media campaign will enhance your online presence and establish credibility in your brand.